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"In Loving Memory of"






From our 4th Flight. Rex Davis Rex Davis (4.8.21) Navy Rex joined the Navy in 1942 from Colorado. During the war he served in the

European, Mediterranean, and Pacific Theaters.  He left the Navy as a 2nd Class Radar man in 1945.


Robert F. Zecha

Robert joined the Army Air Corp in 1942 in Colorado Springs, CO and served until November 1945. During the war Robert was a Staff Sergeant traveling all over the United States from Florida to California. From 1943-1945 Robert was in Foggia Italy.


Raymond (Moe) Brown 

Moe entered the Navy in 1945. He signed up for the duration of the War plus 6 months. He was a Seaman 2nd Class. Moe spent his service at the Memphis Naval Base where he started out as a mess cook serving food to prisoners and sailors in two lines up to 400 per line per meal! One day a Petty Officer 2nd Class came in and asked if anyone could type. Moe said yes, a little worried about what he got himself into. But it was a good thing; he went from Mess Cook to Storekeeper and managed a warehouse all because he said he could type! Moe left the Navy in 1946.



Our Third Flight will be flown in honor of a member of our Second Flight

Raymond Feather

Ray entered the Navy from Illinois in 1944. During WWII he served as a Motor Machinist 3rd Class on the USS Cabot in the Sea of Japan. Travel was slow  and the ship was full of men. Ray remembers having to eat sandwiches three times a day, every day for weeks. Another highlight for Ray was spending two weeks with Ernie Pyle. Pyle would hang around where the machinists would and have coffee and chat with them. He remembers Pyle as quite a character and was happy to have met him not long before his death. Ray discharged from the Navy in 1946.



Our second flight was flown in honor of a member of our Inaugural Trip:

John K. Bledsoe

John joined the Navy as a Aviation Ordinance man Petty Officer 3rd Class in Denver, CO in 1942 and served until 1946. John started out training in Idaho where he contracted different fevers and was laid up on limited duty or in the hospital for a about a year. That did not stop John he then went on to San Pedro California as part of the Carrier Aircraft Service Unit and then onto Alameda Naval Air Station. John was proud to serve through illness and stateside during the war.


We would like to take this opportunity to dedicate our Inaugural flight in memory of:


JANUARY 1925-April 5, 2011


Captain Fore was born in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This celebrated war veteran, adoring father, and devoted husband lived a rich and fulfilling life filled with adventure, triumphs and tragedy.  Captain Fore was an Army Air Corps as a B-17 Commander and an American legend in WWII, captured after his 28th mission and taken to Buchenwald concentration camp, and subsequently Stalag Luft III. 

He endured the camps; and in his own words, “Finally we arrived at a place called Buchenwald Concentration Camp.  When I walked into the camp and saw what my eyes were seeing I couldn’t believe it.  People in striped uniforms, already skin and bones, it was a slave labor camp. I wanted to resign from the human race at what I was witnessing there.  They shaved our heads completely, and then sprayed us with white foam, it was DDT.  They put us out in the open, no shelter, 168 of us (allied airman).  We had 32 torn, worn blankets for us to live out on the rocks.  No shoes, striped uniforms, and they started giving us one little watery soup per day to live on.  Little children were in the compound next to us, and the chimney from the crematorium was going night and day, belching smoke and ash from burning corpses.  Well, when the wind was right it was right over our camp.  And the stench is still in my nostrils after 66 years.  No, the little children started disappearing.  I didn’t see them actually being killed or burned in the crematorium, but they all disappeared.  (Two Luftwaffe officers) came into camp and one came up to me and said. “You are an Allied airman?” I told that I was.  He said “We have come to take you out of this hell hole.”  We ended up in Stalag Luft III.”

Captain Fore overcame this horror in his life and went on to an amazing aviation career that spanned more than 44 years, logging an unheard of 36,000 flying hours as a distinguished pilot. 

He was blessed with a cherished wife Kay, of 46 years; Three wonderful children and other family: Roche & Brooke, Jim “JW” Fore Jr., Lana and Jeffrey, Grandchildren: Christopher, Kayla, RJ, Jeffrey Jr, Jennifer, and Great Grandchildren: Tyson, Karsen and Gracie Mae, his brother Charles and sister, Gladys. 



Donations have been made to Honor Flight of Southern Colorado In Loving Memory of the following WWII Heroes


Branch of Service Name
Army Air Corp Jim Fore
  Lance Petty
Air Force Colonol Phil Rand
  CMSGT Harry Karolick
Army John Woff
  Lawrence Postolka
Navy John Bledsoe
  Raymond Feather



The following are honorary flight members who passed away before making a trip

Walter Hanson      United States Navy

William Leonard    United States Air Force

John Lenihan

Raymond Wood

Raymond Dagnello

Walter Plants

Lyle Knudsen